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Making and Measuring Quality Content Grew Top 500 Retailer’s Page-One Ranks by 12%

As CEO of My Web Writers, a content creation company, my experience over the years has been that many marketers pay lip service to the ‘content is king’ rally cry, but far fewer actually live by it.

Some devote a little budget to content creation, while others ‘check the content box’ after creating basic web copy. Far fewer make content front and center in their marketing efforts.

But, even for those companies committed to content, simply creating quantities of content is not enough. Rather, creating the right content about the right topics creates success.

That’s the right frame of mind, but how do you identify rightness and relevancy? And more important yet, how do you put that into practice?

This uncertainty is the reason that so many miss the mark of quality content despite the overwhelming evidence of its importance to SEO. One solution is to create as much certainty as possible by using measurement to guide and refine your content strategy.

Content Overhaul for a Major Online Retailer

Throughout 2013, My Web Writers worked with a major retailer, identifying technical issues and producing content. While the retailer managed the infrastructure, product descriptions, and user experience, My Web Writers wrote comprehensive new content for the website’s category and sub-category pages. We used Conductor Searchlight to help us to identify the URLs that needed new and improved content and to double-check that certain on-page factors were appropriately optimized.

New Content and Proper Measurement

Over the course of a three-month period, My Web Writers published new content and refreshed stagnant or out-of-date content. The Searchlight platform was a guide to carefully measuring the impact of new content on search rankings and to identifying new opportunities for content.

At the end of the three-month period, analysis showed that the retailer’s page-one search rankings grew by 12%, a very healthy growth rate for a short period of time:

Content and Measurement: Like Chocolate and Peanut Butter

In the wake of Google’s many algorithm updates that emphasize positive user experience, it’s clear that quality content is critical to online search success. It’s surprising, then, how few marketers are willing to invest in content with their natural search strategy.  High quality measurement is a vital step to creating the “right” content: both in identifying new opportunities and measuring what is and is not working.

At My Web Writers, we experienced this firsthand. We have become convinced that, when working hand-in-hand, proper measurement and effective content can produce outstanding results.

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