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Announcing the Conductor Blog Relaunch: New Insight, Focus and Layout

In the last 12 months or so, the search industry has seen substantial changes that impact a Search Marketer’s day-to-day life.  It’s safe to say that this past year has been the most volatile ever in both the actual SERPs and the ‘plumbing’ behind the SERPs; from the Knowledge Graph to algorithm changes and the loss of keyword data—sometimes it feels like more has changed than has stayed the same.

As an organization, we’ve responded to industry changes that impact Search Marketers with corresponding updates to our product.  For example, the content insights feature we announced at our C3 user conference shifts the focus from the old keyword-centric method of Search Marketing to the new content-centric world.  Searchlight’s True Traffic feature compensates for the loss of keyword traffic to [not provided] by algorithmically calculating traffic based on a variety of factors.

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Now, we’re responding with changes to the content we share with the marketing community.  In today’s landscape–more than ever before–Marketers need insight, they need information and they need intelligent and active conversation. Today, we are very pleased to announce the relaunch of the Conductor blog, with a number of exciting changes:

Expanding our perspective from ‘SEO’ to ‘Digital Marketing’

The practice of SEO used to be strictly about surfacing content in the search results.  Now, particularly in the last 12 months or so, the realm of the SEO has widened to include other areas of the digital marketing.  Social may impact search visibility.  Content is now an integral part of an SEOs mindshare.  Analytics have never been more crucial to online success.

Whether or not you are directly responsible for these disciplines, you likely find yourself thinking about some, if not all of them. In a nod to these industry shifts, we intend to write more in the coming months about broader Digital Marketing spheres, such as social, content, analytics, conversions, design and more.  Our primary content focus remains on SEO and issues pertaining to the industry, but we think our community wants insight on other areas of digital marketing; we plan to step forward to meet that need.  To reflect this shift, we are updating the Conductor blog tagline, originally ‘the Science of Search’ to ‘Evolving, Educating and Empowering the Digital Marketer’.

    • Increasing Publishing Frequency:

      Along with our spreading our wings from ‘SEO’ to ‘Digital Marketing’ we also intent to publish on a more frequent basis, at least several times per week.  So be sure to stop by frequently and check in on what we’ve got cooking.

    • Brand New Look and Feel:

      Although it may be the single most overlooked factor in digital marketing, User Experience (UX/UI) impacts search visibility, social sharing, and engagement.  (A major theme of Matt Cutts recent keynote at the Pubcon conference was a directive to improve on UX/UI. He repeatedly implied that usability impacts Google’s ranking determinations.)
      More importantly, metrics aside, we want our blog’s visitors to have as positive an experience as possible.
      That’s why, as part of our blog relaunch, we are introducing a brand new look and feel; we hope you find both visually appealing and easy to navigate.  We’ll be making additional tweaks over the coming weeks to make it even more accessible and useful.  And let us know: do you think we’re on the mark with our redesign? We want the experience of our blog, and Conductor as a whole, to be truly responsive and collaborative.

    • New Content Types for a Wider Range of Readers:

      Until now, we have primarily produced long-form, data-rich content on the Conductor blog.  The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive—and we thank you for that—but you’ve also told us that in addition to the long form content, you want to see other forms, such as short-form, ‘snackable’ content.  Content that is bite-sized and consumable, but offers something new, interesting, or insightful.
      You’ve also told us that you want to see more basic, ‘how to’ content in addition to the in-depth content.  We’ve heard you on both counts and plan on expanding into other lengths and forms of content so that we are ultimately providing you with content that ranges from novice to high level.

    • New Voices Creating and Collaborating on Content:

      As you can tell by now, we have some big plans when it comes to the Conductor blog, and Conductor content in general.  To bring those plans to fruition, we’ve brought some sharp minds on board—folks who really know Digital–to brainstorm, create, and polish our content.  We’re super excited to see what they produce, and they are already hard at work on exciting projects we think you’ll love.

Come Join the Fun

The Chinese wish each other “to live in interesting times”.  Our ‘time’ in online marketing is nothing if not interesting, with constant challenges alongside ever-growing rewards.  We take our commitment to you, our community, seriously. We work to enable you to meet those obstacles and opportunities head on by providing you with a world-class product and world-class content.  We sincerely hope you will come along for the ride and welcome your thoughts and feedback.

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