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New in Conductor: Platform-Guided Workflows, 2FA, and Intelligent Keyword Suggestions

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  • By Will Potts
  • 5 minutes read

Unlock your SEO team’s full potential with intuitive platform-guided workflows built to drive impact from day 1, intelligent keyword targeting, and more in Conductor.

You know what your SEO and content team is capable of, so what is holding them back? Inefficient workflows, overly complex onboarding, broken processes, or data silos torpedo attempts to innovate or improve SEO and content marketing efforts. What you need is an SEO solution hyper focused on bridging the right gaps and solving these pain points so your team can do what they do best: drive impact and surpass goals.

Conductor’s latest updates help you ignite your team’s potential by delivering customized workflows and experiences built for your biggest needs—from more intuitive, intelligent onboarding to AI-powered keyword targeting and categorization. Find out what’s new this month, including:

  • Faster onboarding with contextual in-app guidance via Quick Start Tasks
  • Increased security with 2FA enablement
  • Advanced semantic analysis and AI-driven keyword categorization
  • Conductor’s AI SEO insights in your CMS

Plus, get an inside look at what we’re tackling next.

Get new users up to speed fast with Quick Start Tasks

Getting new users onboarded and equipped to take action ASAP in enterprise SEO solutions—or any comprehensive software solution—is one of the most significant hurdles marketing leaders face. Intelligent and personalized in-app guidance is the answer, and that’s what new users will receive via Quick Start Tasks in Conductor.

Conductor’s home screen with a popup of a task panel. The panel includes options to research competitors, build a report, and other workflows.

Quick Start Tasks fast-track new user onboarding by providing a helpful list of core tasks for users to choose from, including building a report from a template, researching a competitor, and finding quick-win pages to optimize. Simply select the objective that best matches your role or needs. From there, the platform intelligently guides you through every step in the workflow so you can take action confidently and start driving results from day 1.

Bonus: The intelligent in-app guidance sits in the global actions panel, making it available on-demand wherever you’re working within the platform.

Fortify your data with 2FA in the most secure SEO platform available

Your sensitive business data and account access can never be too secure (just ask your CISO). Conductor is the industry leader in network, endpoint, and application security and the only enterprise SEO platform with SOC 2 Type 1 and ISO27001 certification. We’re excited to continue our ongoing commitment to security for our customers by enabling two-factor authentication (2FA).

Conductor’s login screen with a prompt to enter a code from the user’s authenticator app, and a green “Sign in” button at the bottom.

Set up 2FA in your Conductor account using your preferred method or authenticator application, including Google Authenticator or Authy, to receive an added layer of security. Enabling 2FA also helps ensure compliance with healthcare or finance regulations and prevent potential liabilities. Only non-SSO users will be able to enable 2FA, since SSO users are already enjoying the same security benefits as a multi-factor authentication experience.

Rest assured knowing teams of Conductors are working hard behind the scenes to ensure your data is protected and compliant.

Upgrade your body copy with AI-driven categories

AI is changing the world as we know it. Conductor is no exception as we continue to identify meaningful opportunities for AI enhancements throughout the platform to unlock your team’s full potential. Now, benefit from improved keyword targeting in Body Copy Suggestions with AI-powered, intelligent categorization of key terms based on importance and semantic relevance for your target audience.

Content Guidance with a popup of the “Body copy suggestions” widget. There are three tabs at the top: Important, Supporting, and Additional.

These new and improved Body Copy Suggestions, used in two of our most-loved features, Content Guidance and Writing Assistant, prioritize keywords into three categories:

  • Important Keywords: These are the most crucial terms for your target topic, drawn from the top 15 ranking pages. They are semantically relevant to your content.
  • Supporting Keywords: While not as critical as Important Keywords, these terms are still used by some SEO competitors in their pages that rank well for your target topic. They offer semantic relevance to your content.
  • Additional Keywords: These terms are used by a portion of your SEO competitors in pages related to your target topic. They might not be directly relevant but are semantically associated and could be beneficial to include.

Gain immediate insights into the keywords your competitors are using and benefit from advanced semantic analysis to create or optimize content so it is ready to compete the moment you hit publish.

ICYMI: Conductor and Acquia partner to integrate AI SEO insights in Drupal CMS

Imagine what your team could do with Conductor’s AI-powered SEO and content recommendations available directly in your CMS. Get excited because that will soon become a reality. Conductor and Acquia just announced a strategic partnership to integrate Conductor’s AI SEO intelligence within Acquia’s Digital Experience Platform (DXP).

Acquia and Conductor’s logos with a plus icon between, on top of a bright green to dark green gradient with circle and water drop icons on the edges.

What does this mean for you? Starting next year, joint customers can access on-demand SEO recommendations within the Drupal CMS to accelerate content creation and optimization workflows. Sign up now to be the first to know when this integration goes live.

See what we’re building: Content Score and Keyword Details 2.0

Check out some exciting updates we have in the works that we can’t wait for you to try.

Coming Soon

Content Score: Measure your content’s quality before pressing publish with comprehensive scoring across keyword coverage, sentence structure, and repetitions. Keep every contributor aligned to your SEO and content strategy while maximizing your content’s potential the first time around. (We have a feeling your content team is going to love this one.)

Content Score widget shown, with "Score Factors" tab selected. User's content got 38% for Keyword Coverage, with an in-app popup clarifying the score.

Under construction

Keyword Details 2.0: Gain a 360° view for every keyword you care about with the new and improved Keyword Details report. Access the critical insights that matter most—including performance, visibility, historical trends, volatility, and more—conveniently available in one centralized reporting location. No additional clicks needed.

Rank Over Time widget shown, with a line graph displaying three domains’ trended rank position in blue, teal, and purple lines.

Achieve your team’s full SEO potential with Conductor

Your priorities are our priorities, from improving security to unlocking AI-powered opportunities. Team up with Conductor and benefit from a partnership built around what matters most to your SEO efforts and business objectives. We will continue to iterate and deliver platform enhancements like these to give your team the best chance of SEO success.

Want to see more of this month’s releases in action? Check out the December Release video below.

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