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Conductor’s Manhattan High-Rise Ice Bucket Challenge

Lately, the awesome, life-saving power of the online communities we live and work in has never been clearer.

We’ve all seen the deluge of Ice Bucket Challenge videos from politicians to pop stars, rallying communities and raising millions of dollars to combat the neurodegenerative disorder, ALS.

The digital marketing community is rising to the challenge (a hat tip to SEERR2i, and iProspect, to name a few), we at Conductor are excited to throw our ice bucket in the ring.

Inspired by our Manhattan office high-rise, we decided to (literally) raise the stakes. After all was said and done (and our CEO Seth Besmertnik was thoroughly drenched), we’re thrilled to have raised over $6000 for the ALS Association.

And yes — we’re passing the torch. Wil Reynolds has already stepped up with the SEER team, but how about the rest of the C3 keynote lineup? Seth Godin, Rand Fishkin, and Phil Fernandez – -you’ve been named!

Watch the video, and get involved by donating to ALS.

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