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Why Execs are Spending More on Marketing Technology This Year

To better understand how marketers are approaching 2015, we conducted a study on 182 marketing executives (B2B, B2C, agency) at the beginning of the year. In case you missed the study, this is what we learned: targeting, data, cross-departmental support, and the need for marketing technology is what’s on every marketer’s mind in 2015.

“You use marketing technology to manage your clients’ (or your own) web presences. You use it to get insight into your core processes, like content creation, execution, optimization, and competitive analysis.”

-Wil Reynolds, SEER Interactive

65% of Marketing Executives Will Win Market Share with Marketing Technology

This study made it clear there’s a growing focus on technology among marketing executives. 65% of marketing executives plan on spending more on marketing technology this year twitter-icon, with a large percentage (28%) planning to spend significantly more (25% or more).


These days, marketers need huge swaths of data to stay competitive and understand their growing digital businesses. Technology makes it possible to scale data collection, analysis, and reporting.

2015 Tactic: pick the right technology for your organization

There are awesome possibilities as technology allows us to better scale data collection and analysis. It’ll also become important for marketers to conscientiously invest time in picking the best technology: carefully evaluating and determining the right combination of technology and people.

Now that customers can pick-and-choose when, where, and how they interact with brands, organizations must look at creative ways to drive a consumer through the purchase funnel. Make sure to stay ahead: get the inside look into what marketing executives will be investing in this year.

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