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Conductor Searchlight Update: Content Performance Zooms Into Focus

When it comes to measuring your digital marketing success, understanding your content’s performance can be the biggest challenge. In order to discover genuinely meaningful insights and take informed action on your website’s content, you need to see the big picture, and examine the nitty gritty details — all at the same time.

Content Performance Gets “The Works”

With Conductor’s latest release, we’ve made it easier than ever to combine these two perspectives for a comprehensive analysis of how your content is performing. You’ll be surprised to discover what’s contributing to the big picture, what’s holding it back, and where your untapped potential is.

1. Page Insights

Page Insights, one of Conductor’s powerful content reporting capabilities, has received a fresh makeover. It now combines data from up to 7 sources to provide the industry’s most holistic view of a page’s organic success.

Enhanced filters and a convenient summary bar give you quicker access to relevant data and actionable insights for a particular page. Easy to compare traffic and rank graphs help you examine the impact a single page has on your bottom line.


Page Insights is also now fully globalized, so everyone in your organization, no matter where they are in the world, can align on how to measure the performance of a piece of content.

2. Content Maps

Content Maps are your avenue to modeling your content performance through the lens of key dimensions like Personas and stages of your Buyer’s Journey. Now Content Maps enable you to model even more of the dimensions your team already reports on, including Topics, Campaigns, and Content Types.


Find out if infographics are resonating for one key audience, or if videos about a certain topic are hitting home, then use the data to inform future content investment.

3. Content Segments

Content Segments are the engine that powers all your Content Insights reporting, including Content Maps. With Smart Segments, you can report on groups of related page at scale by using rules to identify pages with shared characteristics. We’ve more than doubled the number of rules available for each Smart Segment to increase their flexibility, and added a new rule type letting you identify pages where on-page elements exist or don’t exist.

Pro Tip: Create a Smart Segment to group pages where the “Meta Description does not exist,” giving you a running list of pages ripe for optimization.

4. City-Level Search Volume

City-Level Search Volume means you get to see how much interest there is around a search term, in one particular location.

City Level Search Volume

Sort by monthly search volume, at the local level.

And with over 100 new cities added to our database of hundreds of supported locations, this apples-to-apples comparison in Search Experience Tracking has never been more valuable.

Added In-Product Enablement

For easy access to descriptions of all the newly available capabilities, we’ve added video tutorials right inside the platform. If you’re using a feature and want to learn more, click “Train Me” for an instant overview, without having to stop what you’re doing. This is part of our entire suite of on-boarding and educational tools to give you real-time support and proactive insight when and how you want it.

We could not be more excited to share another powerful release — only 6 weeks after our last C3 release — and look forward to an amazing 2016 together.

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