5 New Marketing Trends on Your Boss’s Mind in 2018

Your boss is in a lot of meetings. Especially ones you’re not invited to.

How do you know what your manager is thinking? What new marketing trends and tactics do they care about for 2017? What plans are they concocting for your 2017 marketing strategy?

new marketing trendsWe surveyed 387 marketing executives to find out what they’re prioritizing in 2017, how they will adjust to the new year, and what challenges they expect to face.

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Get ahead of the curve and peek inside your boss’s head for 2017:

1. Their Biggest Challenge in 2017 Will Be “Talent” and “Budget”

new marketing trends

When asked about what challenges will negatively affect performance in 2017, marketing executives have spoken: they named “lack of budget” and not “having the right team” as the two biggest challenges they expect to face in 2017.

3. They Will Increase Focus on Advertising, Content, SEO in 2017

new marketing trends

Digital advertising, content marketing initiatives and SEO initiatives are all set to increase in the next calendar year. Over 80% of marketing execs are increasing focus on digital advertising, content marketing, and SEO in 2017. Too meet that demand…

2. They Will Hire More SEO and Content Professionals in 2017

new marketing trends

Looks like 2017 will be the year you stop using that empty desk next to yours for storage. To address their concerns over having the right team members, a third of marketing executives plan on adding SEO and content professionals in 2017.

4. They Will Prioritize Organic Search in 2017

When naming their top performing online channel in 2016, marketing execs most often listed “organic search.” Because of this, executives will make it a priority for the next year; they listed “organic search”most often as their #1 top priority in 2017.

5. They Will Spend More On Marketing Technology

new marketing trends

Tech-lovers can rejoice! 70% of marketing executives plan on spending more money on technology in the next year and only 5% will spend less.

Now that you know what you can expect from 2017, are you ready?

How do marketing executives measure success? How many marketing technologies are they using for reporting? Learn more about it in our research study, Marketing Executives Reveal Their 2017 Marketing Strategy.

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