I struggle with marketing technology. It’s an embarrassing admission.

But, this blog is a safe space, right? At the very least, I know I’m not alone. Most of the content marketers I’ve met feel that the content marketing technology they use is not intuitive. It’s something they have to spend days learning. It’s loaded with irrelevant data; it’s a bear to navigate.

This creates a host of problems for content marketers:

  • Most of our workflow ends up outside of technology, which inhibits efficiency and makes it difficult to validate our decisions with data
  • Keyword research happens after we set our editorial calendars, making us miss the biggest opportunities to drive traffic
  • We rely on other team members to report on our metrics for us, so it’s difficult to take charge of our own growth

I’m incredibly excited that this is exactly what Conductor’s solving with the new Content Marketer Experience.

After conducting research with content marketers around the world, our innovation team has tailored our platform to the content marketing workflow. They’ve created a content role-based experience of the platform that is mapped specifically to content goals and process.

From ideation all the way to measuring content marketing ROI, the Content Marketing Experience contains everything we need to make incredible content. Here’s the workflow in the platform:

  • Plan
  • Research
  • Create
  • Optimize
  • Measure

With this content marketing technology, we can stop doing a rain dance hoping our content will gain organic traction. We have the power to research new content ideas based on how our customers are actively searching for answers, setting our content up for steady, long-term traffic.

Our process won’t stall as we mull over which content change we should prioritize. In the Content Marketer Experience, there’s a simplified view of on-page optimizations for your existing content, organized by impact and effort.

content marketing technology

“Conductor takes all our data and shows me exactly what I need to focus on, and how I can make a difference in the shortest amount of time.” – Leah Boucher, Director of SEO + Content, Ski.com

In this new experience, we can measure the success of our content based on metrics we choose, and monitor how changes we make affect content performance.
content marketing technology
And when it comes to the bottom line, we can showcase progress and success in custom reports tailored to our goals. The experience is designed to make it easy for you to prove that your content is moving the needle.

“I used to waste so much time trying to convince people to go along with my gut instincts. With Conductor, all my recommendations are now backed with data. We can make the best decision quickly, and we know that our audience will see and read our content.”
– AJ Macdonald, Senior Online Content Manager, Republic Wireless

The Content Marketer Experience gives confidence: the confidence that each new piece of content is the right one.

So…let’s not waste any more time with a one-size-fits-all experience. We have specific needs, goals and responsibilities. Shouldn’t our content marketing technology be made for us?

Come take a spin in the new Content Marketer Experience in Conductor, customized just for you.

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