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Top Ten New Search & Content Marketing Tools: 2018 Conductor Product Roundup

2018 was a big year for Conductor—so we chose our top ten enhancements and additions to Conductor's SEO Platform in 2018!

2018 was a year to remember: the Royal Wedding, the Eagles winning the Super Bowl to finally bring glory to Philly, and the rise of tiny sunglasses.

Maybe it's more like a drop.

Even with all of those potential distractions, our team was focused on one thing: dropping (like they’re hot) new features and enhancements to take your SEO & content marketing to the next level. Let’s take a moment to look back at some of our favorite product enhancements of 2018.

1. Lights, Camera, Actions!

To quote the industry experts over at Forrester : “Top-Notch SEO Requires Seamless Coordination, Not Another Siloed Team.”

Actions is one of the newest enhancements to hit Conductor's SEO Platform. It’s designed to make your SEO workflow easier and more collaborative. With Actions, you can collect, assign, and share the insights from Conductor that drive your content strategy directly to the project management platform of your choice—like Asana or Jira. This integration makes it simpler and more natural to execute on key projects, collaborate, and ensure accountability across your team.

Conductor Actions integrates your keyword research directly into your content workflow

2. The Results Are In: New Result Types

You want your content to rank at the top of key Google results pages, and that means keeping up with Google’s countless universal result types.

Enter Conductor’s new and improved Result Types report. We can help you easily locate key searches featuring result types you don't own, identify opportunities to create new content to capture them—and report on your successes. Plus, we’ve added support for Google for Jobs.

3. Getting AMPed: Report on AMP Results

Google is also integrating more AMP listings into its mobile search results. AMP provides a better mobile browsing experience for users and can boost click-through rates for brands.

In Conductor, you can now see which of your results are displayed as AMP on mobile search, so you can assess the impact of AMP on your performance. You can also see which keywords your competitors have AMP listings for—giving you the competitive edge.

AMP results in Conductor SEO Platform for basketball keywords

4. Partners, Partners, Partners

We believe in the power of partnership.

The goal of the Conductor Partner Ecosystem is to provide a complete toolbox for digital marketers, and part of that means partnering with the best-of-breed technologies, agencies, and creators out there.

And we’ve gotten the chance to deepen our partner bench this year: We expanded on our strategic partnership with SEMrush in an unprecedented way to co-develop unique capabilities exclusively for Conductor customers. We announced an integration with the top global real-time link analysis and optimization platform, LinkResearchTools, to bring backlink insights into Conductor's SEO Platform. We introduced search intelligence from Baidu into Explorer, thanks to Dragon Metrics—just to name a few news-worthy events from across our Partner Ecosystem

5. A Role For Everyone

This year we challenged ourselves to consider: How can we help teams break down silos? Can we make Conductor even more intuitive and accessible to everyone on a marketing team?

That’s how we developed Role-Based Views.

Role-Based Views give each member of your team access to the most relevant features for their areas of responsibility. The views are designed to streamline workflows and remove the noise, so every team can maximize the value they get through Conductor.

6. The World Is Yours To Explore(r)

Whether you focus on content creation or search optimization, good marketing starts with research. So we wanted to make it easier to answer questions like: What topics does your audience care the most about? What keywords best align with what they need? What are your competitors doing?

To make answering these questions easier than ever, we introduced our most powerful research tool: Explorer.

Conductor's explorer feature covers all your research needs

Explorer combined the functionality of our Domain Explorer and Audience Intent Explorer reports into a simple, powerful solution for all your research needs.

This was just one of many enhancements we made to our research functionality this year, including new filtering options and new historical data in Conductor Explorer. And we’re not done yet—stay tuned for even more Explorer goodness in 2019!

7. In Love With Your Customer Voice

As previously mentioned, we challenged ourselves in 2018 to make Conductor more accessible for everyone on your marketing team.

That’s what inspired our Customer Voice Add-On for Google Docs. The add-on changes the way we create content by providing a one-stop shop for keyword and customer research right in your Google Docs. Now, anyone on your team can access the Conductor’s Explorer topic and customer insights directly during the content creation process in their favorite text editor, Google Docs.

8. A Daily Keyword A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

For most, SEO is a practice in patience, but in some industries—think News, Events, eCommerce—knowing the day-by-day changes in organic visibility is crucial to success.

So we supercharged our Daily reporting to give you a timely indicator of your search visibility with daily rank reporting on your most important keywords.

9. To Organic And Beyond

You heard right: we’re going beyond organic. Organic data can tell you a huge amount about the digital marketing landscape, but there are times when it's valuable to see the whole picture of how your audience finds your content. Now, you can see how your pages are performing across social, paid, organic and more with Multi-Channel Daily Reporting inside Conductor.

10. You Get a Workspace! You Get a Workspace!

If you use Workspaces, you know they help you to put the pieces of your digital marketing puzzle together and share opportunities with your team.

So you can spend more time acting and less time clicking, we made it easier to access the Workspaces that matter most to you. Now, you can designate specific Workspaces as your favorites, and they’ll appear under the Report menu.

We also updated Workspaces with a fresh look and feel. Not only do Workspaces look better, but they are also easier to organize, share, and copy.

THIS TOP TEN LIST GOES TO ELEVEN... Single Sign-On Has Arrived

Okay, we couldn’t stop at ten—after all, 2018 was a big year for our enterprise reporting capabilities. We realize enterprise brands face unique challenges when it comes to their scale, security, and more. To ensure proper user authentication and security protocols, Conductor now supports SAML Single Sign-On (SSO) capability.

That’s a wrap on 2018, but we know that your 2019 is going to be bigger and better than ever, with goals to match. That means we’re gearing up for an even bigger 2019 right alongside you.

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