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As We Grow, We Keep Our People First: Celebrating Conductor’s Culture

Last month, Conductor was ranked within the top 4 on New York State Council SHRM’s Best Companies to Work for in New York State. We are extremely proud to be on the list, and we’d like to share a little bit about what makes our culture one of the best places to work in New York.

Bigger Means Better

It’s been a big year for our Conductor family so far— on March 6th we proudly announced we would be joining the WeWork family. As an independent entity, Conductor was able to attract talent based on our tech and our culture, but now with WeWork, we add the cachet of a well-loved brand. As our two cultures continue to unite, our deeply aligned missions will be a driving force in company culture.

Conductor’s people-first culture encourages growth, learning, and leading to all 200+ of our employees from all backgrounds and at all levels. One of our major achievements is that, as we’ve grown from a small tech startup, our employees consistently rate our company culture, work-life balance and professional development opportunities highly. We have achieved this, in part, by providing opportunities to participate in inclusive cultural programs, including mentorship, meetups, and game nights to everyone who works on our team.

We are committed to fostering personal and professional growth by setting a high bar and providing mutual support. We aim to push ourselves to keep doing the right thing.

People First and Always

At Conductor, our product motto is “Customer First” – this kind of people-first mentality extends to how we recruit our talent. The greatest strength behind the success of Conductor’s services and technology is, without a doubt, our team of inspiring, driven individuals. As a company born and bred in New York, we consider the New York tech community our community.

We are a diverse company. We aim to create an environment that lets everyone’s creative juices flow, empowering everyone to make a difference. What we build, and how we build it, are far ahead of the norm. We create opportunities for everyone to take their career wherever they want to take it. We promise innovation, creativity, direct customer contact, and the most empathetic environment in the industry. We maintain a high bar for everyone, provide opportunities for growth, and are always willing help each other out.

And we’re growing faster than ever before.

This is a win is for all of us. The best places to work are companies where people are invested, not only in the success of the organization, but in each other’s success. Conductor is proud to provide our employees a place to hone their talents, connect with each other, and do meaningful work. This is much more than a means to an end; it’s what Conductor was built to do.

Want to learn more about building your career at Conductor? Check out our open positions!

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