At our C3 marketing conference in May, Conductor announced a whole new customer support and services model— Orchestra. With Conductor Orchestra, all Conductor customers have access to dedicated digital strategists to support their SEO efforts.

Our Director of Product Marketing, Lindsay Boyajian, sat down with Pat Reinhart, our VP of Digital Strategies and one of the architects of Orchestra, to get his take on the new program.

Lindsay: Let’s start from the beginning – what is Orchestra?

Pat: Orchestra is the new way we’re supporting our customers, focused on deliverables and outcomes. With Orchestra, every customer now not only gets access to a platform expert, but also gets an SEO expert. 

Our new Orchestra team is built to ensure that all customers get the strategy and enablement they need to maximize the success of their organic campaigns.

The cool thing with Orchestra is that it’s completely flexible. Your support takes different forms depending on the maturity of your business— where you’re at in your organic journey.

Do you need education for your team so that you can get your campaigns off the ground? Do you already have an established SEO program and want to get into more of a growth mode? Or are you already rock stars and just need more hands to come in to make you even bigger? With Orchestra, we can deliver custom support and services to help your business scale at every level. 

Lindsay: If customers have our Managed Services today, how are things changing for them?

Pat: Not much is changing! With our current Managed Services offering, an SEO strategist acts as a member of your team to help you identify opportunities, execute, and report on your results – with everything from technical audits to on-page optimization and content strategy support.

With Orchestra, our customers with Managed Services will still get that same hands-on support, but we’re adding more structure. We’ve developed a proprietary methodology, based on over ten years of expertise in the space and working with thousands of customers, that identifies your team’s strengths and development areas and helps us partner with you to create an actionable success plan. This provides our team and yours with a framework to execute and ensure we’re driving the right results. 

Lindsay: With Orchestra, will customers that didn’t previously have Managed Services get some form of SEO strategy support?

Pat: Yes! Now, every customer will have access to an SEO strategist to enhance their strategy and support day-to-day SEO campaigns.

We’ve built the largest in-house team of SEO experts in the industry, and we’ve worked with some of the top brands in the world, so we’re excited to make this expertise available for all of our customers. 

Lindsay: That and our technology and support together really seem like a market first.

Pat: A huge advantage for us is that we have the technology and support together.

As a customer, you leverage the technology to reach your goals and tell your story. You have full access to your data and reporting, not only for transparency, but also to get the data whenever and wherever you need it. 

And our Orchestra team can help you get more done faster and make that story even more compelling. We know Conductor Searchlight better than anyone, so we can pull out insights and do more in a month than your traditional services partner. Plus, we can spend more time on your site, on the strategy, on the deliverables, and less time on the reporting and things of that nature, because the technology delivers there. 

Lindsay: One of the big things that we’re adding to Orchestra is team enablement & education. Why is that something that we’ve decided to add to Orchestra and why do you think that’s so important for folks?

Pat: It’s a great question. I mean, for me, over the years, I’ve always been a very transparent person.  A lot of people don’t want to tell you how they do things, because they’re afraid that if they give away the “secret sauce,” you won’t pay them anymore. I’ve never been that way. 

We have a very different philosophy at Conductor. If we teach someone to the point where they can use Conductor Searchlight on their own and then go and run their SEO strategy, that’s a win! 

Education is such an important piece of building a long-term SEO strategy, because if you don’t understand why we’re doing things or the nuts and bolts of how we’re doing things, how can you ever get buy-in from your organization or really support it yourself? Right? We want to open up the hood and say, “Here’s exactly what we’re doing, here’s exactly what we’re seeing. Here’s the way that we would run this campaign.”

We want to educate our customers so they can be evangelists in their organization. We want to educate them and their teams so SEO becomes a cornerstone of their marketing strategy. 

Lindsay: What resources would you recommend for folks who want to learn more about SEO and become that evangelist in their organization? 

Pat: I do a monthly webinar called 30|30, where I educate folks on what’s going on in the last 30 days in search. I’ve been running the show for 4 years, and we’ve grown an incredible following. It’s a great resource to stay abreast of industry updates.

For more foundational SEO knowledge, I would recommend Conductor Academy. Our SEO Foundations course teaches the basics of SEO, from how to technically optimize your site to how to create successful customer-first marketing with search insights.

Want to learn more about Conductor Academy? Register for your free SEO Foundations course today!

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