In-housing SEO is becoming more and more appealing to organisations. A study showed that 90% of brands are confident in in-housing their marketing operations. It is also reported that 54% of brands rely on in-house SEO efforts. The reason behind that? Transparency, control over brand and elimination of silos among other things. 

Despite the growing number of brands that are moving their SEO in-house, some brands still believe the myth that outsourcing it is better. I’m here to debunk that myth. Over the last ten years, we’ve worked with thousands of leading brands like Citi, Mercer and GoDaddy, and the ones who get ahead are the ones that have a dedicated in-house SEO resource. Why is that?

Organic marketing is a team sport

Unlike other functions that can sort of operate like an individual competitor, organic marketing is a team sport that requires diverse, skilled players. SEO success depends on working cross-functionally with other business units. For instance, to optimize a page, your SEO team often has to partner with their content, web and UX teams. 

Bringing on an agency to execute your SEO is kind of like having a football team with just the quarterback. They may be the best quarterback out there, but when they throw the ball down the field, there isn’t anyone to catch it. No touchdown. No victory. Just wasted effort. 

At the end of the day, agencies just don’t understand your customers and your business like your internal teams do. And when it comes to SEO, this is imperative. Why? SEO touches every part of your business all the time. Whether it’s naming a product or launching a new web page, SEO touches all parts of your business.  

Outsourcing SEO is inefficient 

Agencies are external stakeholders to organizations and communication between the two can be highly inefficient. In many circumstances your organisation is not always the priority because agencies manage multiple clients, which means they can’t always give their undivided attention to your projects. On top of that, it’s impossible for agencies to understand your customers and your business like you do. 

Benefits of in-house SEO

Top brands that are truly invested in the power of organic marketing, choose to scale their in-house SEO. That way they reap all the benefits of SEO and avoid inefficiencies. Some of the benefits of scaling SEO in-house are:

  • Speed: Usually, in-house teams can react to new information and implement new plans much more quickly than agencies because they sit with other internal teams.  
  • Results: In-house teams know your customers and their challenges. It’s easier to drive results when you know what to focus on. 
  • Transparency : 87% of executives are concerned with the level of transparency offered by agencies. In-house SEO teams guarantee you own all your data and offer more transparency into strategy and results.  

If you want to explore bringing your SEO in-house, talk to us. We can help you with the transition and support you with anything you need to kick start this journey. Get started here!

So when is it OK to outsource SEO?

Now, that’s not to say your team has to do it alone. We know marketing workflows go up and down, but team sizes often stay the same.  

There are certain projects and use cases when it’s helpful to use services partners to augment work: you can have partners that help you with audits; you can have partners that help you with keyword research; you can have partners that do a lot of things, but the key is that it’s ALL quarterbacked and it runs from inside of the organization. It’s key that you have that accountable team member to drive your strategy and manage your people, processes and platforms — internally.  

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