The Search Evolution is here. Are you ready to be a part of it? Over the past year, the digital landscape has changed drastically and businesses have increased their investment in their digital presence. For instance, U.S. eCommerce growth has boomed with an increase of over 30% in 2020, reaching a level not previously expected for another 2 years. 

Conductor has always been committed to driving product innovation at an industry-leading pace to enable the success of our customers. Now, as the trend towards Organic Marketing continues to accelerate, we’re doubling down on helping SEO, Content and Web teams improve the way they track, define and increase business impact.

After all, we know that good measurement helps Organic Marketing teams quickly understand what’s working (and what’s not) to drive better decision-making and action. It also helps build a more powerful case for marketing investments among stakeholders and executive leadership. In SEO, accurate and scalable program measurement is the cornerstone of success.

At C3 2021, Conductor unveiled the next generation of our enterprise platform and our supercharged SEO Chrome extension – now available to all marketers – adding to the roster of new measurement capabilities already released this quarter. If you missed it, here’s a roundup of how we’re helping teams like yours measure Organic Marketing performance and create success that scales. 

Expand Your Digital Presence

If you want to successfully build your business online, you need a customer-focused Organic Marketing strategy that spans a variety of different channels and tactics. Your digital presence isn’t constrained to your own web page. Your content lives everywhere, from blogs and ecommerce pages, to social posts, press releases, and even YouTube videos. 

All of these touchpoints create new opportunities for consumers to discover, learn about, and engage with your business. But as your marketing toolbox expands, it can become more difficult to get a holistic view of performance. With Digital Presence tracking, you’re able to track the visibility of all your digital content on the Google SERP. And knowing that today, more consumers begin their product searches on Amazon than Google (63%, according to one study), we’ve released Amazon Tracking to provide a dedicated view into the Amazon SERP, too. 

Demonstrate the Value of Organic Marketing

It’s not always easy to pinpoint what changes or external factors are impacting your SEO. We’ve revamped our Page Insights report to bring you greater clarity, offering more advanced and actionable ways to track the ROI of your Organic Marketing efforts. 

Dig into more flexible keyword data to uncover the true drivers of your organic performance. The new page-level insights show both trended and aggregate metrics of a selected time period to help users contextualize and measure success. Explore advanced analytics filters, like year-over-year views to control for seasonality and cumulative views to understand the full impact of your content investment. Uncover drivers of visibility across both discovered and tracked keywords across any search engine, device or location, so you can gain a clearer, more flexible picture of what’s impacting your content marketing ROI. 

Build Decision-Driving Reporting

Let’s face it: it takes time, effort and a best-in-class team to do Organic Marketing well. But in order to get the budget and support you need to be successful, you need to win over your executive stakeholders. That’s where meaningful reporting comes in.

From Conductor, access flexible and effective Workspace Report Templates that allow you to create and manage value-oriented reports with ease. Automatically setup a meaningful and valuable report in just a few clicks—no platform knowledge required. And if you want to add more customization, you can do so by answering a few simple questions or by specifying your unique set of tracked keywords. Available templates include:

  • SEO Business Review: A comprehensive performance summary for SEO users to understand their wins, losses, and opportunities.
  • Executive Summary: An executive-ready performance report that provides a birds-eye view of organic site performance and competitive trends.
  • New Content Opportunities: A guide to enable teams to discover, prioritize, and act on new content opportunities based on keywords, result types, and competitive gaps.

Design and tailor reports for specific members of the organization, so you can help them better understand how your Organic Marketing campaigns have impacted business results.

Test-Drive the Latest from Conductor 

The latest set of product releases from Conductor provides powerful measurement solutions for SEO, Content and Web teams to track, define and maximize your impact.

And if you still have questions or are looking for new ways to level up your campaigns, Conductor is also introducing a new way for Organic Marketing professionals and industry experts to come together and build their knowledge base. Tap into the Conductor Forum, our digital community where you can brainstorm, problem solve, and discuss the latest marketing trends with your fellow practitioners. 

Want to see Conductor’s new measurement features in action? Get a live demo from our team of experts today!

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