It is no secret that internet use has skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic, but “internet use” does not always positively relate to online search. In fact, internet fatigue from other activities such as virtual meetings and overuse of apps could even have an adverse effect on search. This is why now more than ever search optimization engine (SEO) vendors need to remain hyper-vigilant to offer their users value that captures the factors beyond just ranking, and consider benefits tied to competitive positioning, content marketing, and overall marketing and business efforts.

At Conductor, we have always focused on SEO as a part of our customers’ larger Organic Marketing strategy, and we are humbled to see our users recognize us for efforts to connect with them deeply as we are named a gold medalist in the 2021 SoftwareReviews SEO Data Quadrant. This report extremely important to us as a customer-first company, as the results involve gathering intelligence directly from our users on their satisfaction with both product features and their experience with our organization. Aggregated emotional response ratings are included in the areas of service, negotiation, product impact, conflict resolution, and strategy and innovation to create a powerful indicator of overall user sentiment toward the vendor and its product – all from the software users’ point of view. SoftwareReviews calls this insight the Net Emotional Footprint.   

“Today’s consumers routinely begin their journey to your brand with a simple search on Google or Bing. It’s critically important to ensure that your company and products appear near the top of the organic search results – this is where Search Engine Optimization tools come into play. These products provide robust capabilities for keyword planning, competitive analysis, and SEO site audits that can give your brand an edge in succeeding with organic search. Our SoftwareReviews Data Quadrant on SEO tools identifies market leaders in this space and can help you pick the right tool to turbocharge your approach to search placement and search marketing.” Says Ben Dickie, Research Director of Enterprise Applications.

The 2021 SEO SoftwareReviews Data Quadrant report shows that Conductor outperforms other vendors in Business Value Created, Breadth of Features, and Content Optimization, among other categories. Here are 3 examples of how we’ve delivered on this: 

  1. SEO is a Team Sport – Conductor facilitates cross-functional collaboration and alignment. From SEO to content to web teams, we’re constantly developing features to help our customers collaborate, access actionable insights, and integrate with the tools they already use as a team. 
  2. Constant Innovation – We’re constantly adding new updates to existing features, and releasing new features based on customer feedback. In 2020, Conductor delivered an impressive 52 product releases, and in 2021, we have already released 10 new product features and updates. Our latest product announcement around Explorer, our keyword index with over 16.5 billion keywords, unlocked features formerly known as “Explorer Plus” to all current customers, simply because we have more premium updates on the way.
  3. Operational Maturity – We define operational maturity as the combination of your people, processes, tools, and metrics and how they come together to create a strategy and execute initiatives. Regardless of where you fall on the scale of Operational Maturity, the team at Conductorhelps you reach your Organic Marketing goals through our best-in-class enterprise platform and unparalleled customer service and support. 

Whether you’re just getting familiar with Conductor or a long-time customer, check out Conductor for Chrome. The best of Conductor is now in your favorite browser. Experience faster, better, smarter SEO with the most advanced Organic Marketing browser extension ever created – now available to all marketers. Make on-page optimizations and see how your site can be improved all from our Google Chrome Extension.


At Conductor, we believe the best companies innovate their customer service just as much as their technology. We are humbled to learn that our efforts are being recognized by our customers. – Joe Taylor

You can dive into more details about the SoftwareReviews’ 2021 SEO Data Report here. If your organization is interested in improving your Organic Marketing, give the Conductor team a shout and request a demo.


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