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Conductor New Feature Roundup: March 2019

The Conductor engineering team has been hard at work updating Conductor's SEO Platform. Learn more about the new updates and enhancements for 2019 thus far.

2019 is in full swing, and we’ve released new features and enhancements to boost your organic marketing performance. This is just a teaser for all the innovation to come—Stay tuned for our product release at C3 on May 6-8 .

Here’s a rundown of the latest:

1. Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Conductor Actions now offers Trello & Jira Cloud Integrations in addition to Asana! Collect, assign, and share your insights from Conductor directly to your favorite task manager. We’ve also added Actions support to Conductor’s Keyword Performance report. See how teams like yours are using Actions.

Conductor Actions integrates your keyword research directly into your content workflow

2. Introducing the Main Event

We all know the SERP is no longer just a list of blue links. It’s packed with answer boxes, local packs, videos, and more, and we’re working to help you win all of them. That’s why Conductor now supports a new result type: Events. See where Google's Event result type appears on mobile searches, giving you the opportunity to compete for these keywords.

P.S. Don’t miss how teams like yours are winning with universal result types like Events.

3. A LeSSOn in Security

User credentials are a universal weak point in corporate security, so IT teams have turned to Single Sign-On (SSO) to mitigate some of that risk.

Back in September 2018, we announced that Conductor is the only enterprise SEO platform that supports Single Sign-On. This capability ensures proper security protocols and secure authentication of users. This quarter, we made additional investments in improving our SSO management experience for users.

4. Daily Dose of Keywords

For certain industries, knowing the day-by-day changes in organic visibility is crucial to success—Think eCommerce around Black Friday.

So we supercharged our daily keyword rank tracking to give you a timely indicator of your search visibility with daily rank reporting on your most important keywords.

5. Get AMPed up

As Google adds more Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) results to mobile SERPs, you need to get the full picture of your AMP performance to keep up. New AMP Carousel Result Type reporting in Conductor's SEO Platform gives you visibility into AMP’s effect on you and your competitors. This enhancement is now available for all customers, previously in closed beta.

AMP results in Conductor SEO Platform for basketball keywords

6. History in the Making

Pick a page, any page! On-demand historical performance data is now available for any page in Explorer. Instantly see how that competitor’s page is performing, so you can out maneuver them for the win. This enhancement is now available for all customers, previously in closed beta.

7. Going Global

To expand the reach of your search data reporting, you can now track keyword searches across 167 new location and language combinations in Conductor.

In fact, we add new location and language combinations every quarter to our platform, based 100% on customer feedback.

8. Much Better Than a Console-ation Prize

Google Search Console is full of rich data that connects the dots between search visibility and content performance. Integrating your Google Search Console profile with Conductor unlocks a new avenue of search analysis and insight.

We’ve rolled out a number Google Search Console Integration enhancements that make reporting more intuitive and flexible and deepen the data in the Search Console Analytics report.

9. Storytime!

Insight Stream is your home for curated insights about your search and content performance. It automatically surfaces insights and recommendations on where to take action—Pretty handy, right?

Now, you’ll get even more intel from your Insight Stream. We’re adding new Insight Stream Story Cards to highlight changes in your Result Type ownership. Did you win a new Job result type? Did you lose the local 3 pack? Find out right on your Insight Stream.

Want to see our new features in action? Come take a tour of Conductor's SEO Platform with us.

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