WeWork is one of the world’s fastest growing companies. The WeWork team recognized that it had a huge opportunity to further drive this growth by expanding its digital presence.

"Organic has always been an important channel at WeWork. It represents this incredible opportunity where people are actively searching for answers and we can connect them with the best solution. We need to do everything possible to make sure that they’re able to find us in every sort of way that they would want."

Andy Palmer VP, Product Management,

By investing in their organic marketing strategy, WeWork could drive new revenue through WeWork memberships, answer questions from potential and existing members, and even map market demand for WeWork services across new and existing markets.

But the team saw there was much work to be done. As WeWork continued to expand as a global network of workspaces, communities, and services that companies and creators use to grow, they needed full support developing digital experiences that provide current and future customers with meaningful, personal solutions. WeWork also had the opportunity to improve its visibility and use search data to empower teams across its business to grow and innovate.


WeWork enlisted Conductor’s Digital Strategies team to help develop their digital presence through content marketing and SEO. Digital Strategies is an in-house team of Conductor Searchlight and digital growth experts that can be attached to any account to provide a dedicated on-demand SEO specialist trained in the platform and targeted for any business’s specifics needs.

Conductor’s team performed extensive audience research in order to gain a better understanding of how current and future customers search for WeWork’s products and services. Then, WeWork and Conductor created early-stage content to expand WeWork’s visibility on Google, reaching new audiences to increase engagement and brand recognition.

Collab Workspaces Results

Conductor also aligned closely with WeWork’s content teams to co-create workflows and processes that utilize insights from search and audience intelligence research. These insights ensured that content creation would use customer language to target topics essential to WeWork’s core business growth.

At the same time, Conductor helped WeWork align essential existing pages to customer voice and search intent, optimizing over 300 core transactional location pages within the first two months of the partnership. Technical SEO is also key to performance on search engines, so Conductor delivered strategic and tactical recommendations to improve search engine crawls and indexation. This combined work ensured that WeWork appeared in markets for relevant locations on Google, a key driver of transactions and revenue onsite.

Coworking Space Results

"Conductor helps us understand the language that our customers are using, what they’re looking for, where they are, what they need, and what interests them. We’ve made huge strides and improve our online presence so that we’re there with the right message when people are searching."

Alex Green Director, Product Management,

Conductor also provides WeWork with offline business intelligence. By charting global search demand, Conductor’s technology gives WeWork a deeper understanding of how people look for space and services around the world.

WeWork’s partnership with Conductor grew as these successes accumulated. At first, Conductor worked with just WeWork’s Digital Product team, but as the broad potential applications of search became clear, the partnership grew to encompass many other teams, including WeWork’s Marketing, Content, and Research teams.

Interaction between WeWork and Conductor teams went from ad-hoc conference calls to weekly in-person meetings, half-day on-sites at WeWork HQ and a dedicated Slack channel. This improved collaboration and removed roadblocks, allowing initiatives to be implemented more quickly. Both teams allocated resources to ensure that WeWork would get the full value out of the partnership.


SEO quickly began to generate ROI for WeWork. WeWork also saw considerable gains in traffic, attaining 132% of its organic traffic goal. From 2017 to mid-2018, WeWork’s page-one visibility doubled, driving much of this success. The content and SEO workflows Conductor helped WeWork build continue to increase WeWork teams’ efficiency and improve their execution. The content they have created continues to drive long-term value.

"WeWork has seen significant growth since we began working with Conductor about 18 months ago. The results have been off the charts. We’re very proud of the fact that we are actually Conductor’s largest customer."

Artie Minson CFO,

As major wins accumulated, content strategy and organic visibility growth became a regular topic of discussion at WeWork executive meetings, and WeWork Co-founder and CEO Adam Neumann grew personally excited about the progress he saw.

The magnitude of these successes and the alignment of the two companies’ visions led to Conductor and WeWork formally joining forces in March of 2018.

"Conductor has helped us improve our digital marketing and online presence by making it easier for us to reach new potential WeWork members based on what they are seeking. They’ve also helped us tailor our efforts regionally. Conductor’s platform has helped us grow our business, and we want to help them scale so they can help you grow yours. Together, we can help large companies expand their digital presence and deliver customer value through digital content."

Wework Team ,