Understand and improve the visibility, traffic, and revenue of any page with Conductor’s SEO Platform feature Page Insights.

How to get there: You can get to Page Insights by clicking on a URL in Conductor’s SEO Platform. Just click one of your top performing pages in:

  • Visibility Performance (under Measure Visibility)
  • Content Performance (under Analyze Content)

image of page insights on Conductor's SEO platform

1. Discover how important this page is to your whole site.

See what percentage of visits or revenue this page contributes to your whole site. It’ll help you prioritize your work and show how valuable this page becomes after you work your marketing magic.

page insights visual of organic performance metrics

2. Take a look at how this page has been performing over time.

Get a sense of how this page is trending, paying special attention to any drops and gains. Those shifts are the key to understanding what changes you can make that will have an impact.

page insights with chart of organic performance over time

Tip: Have different global versions of this page on your domain? Create a Content Segment to track them together.

3. Scroll through your team’s activities to see what caused those spikes or dips.

Content Activity Reporting automatically detects changes that you or your team made to your page. Take a look at what actions may have triggered the shift so you know what to repeat or to avoid.

page insights annotations options to highlight specific site changes

4. Check out how people are finding this page over time.

Keyword Trending shows you what search terms your page ranks for. If you’ve lost visibility for key terms, consider optimizing the page and improving your content.

page insights showing multiple keywords and their rank trend over time

Tip: Marketing executives love this table. Add it to your reporting workspaces so that they can see the way customers are finding you over time.

5. Improve your rankings for relevant, high volume search terms.

Use the Keyword Table to see what search terms you are currently visible for. See how much traffic you could gain if you improved your rankings by sorting by MSV (monthly search volume).

page insights depiction of keyword chart with msv and rank

Tip: If you’re ranking for search terms that aren’t relevant for your content, consider creating a new page better suited for those terms. Imagine you have a women’s tennis shoe page ranks for “best running shoes.” You could lose half your potential audience – men – once they reach the page!

6. Get more traffic by optimizing your page for new, relevant keywords.

Click the ellipsis “…” by any search term to hop into Audience Intent Explorer and research new terms. You can bulk up your page with content that targets these new keywords.
page insights supports topic research

Conductor Customer Story: By adding new, relevant search terms to their wi-fi calling page, Republic Wireless increased their page’s traffic by 108% and their transactions by 100%.

7. Find new search terms that you didn’t know you were visible for.

Discovered Keywords are search terms that your page is ranking for, but you’re not tracking them in Conductor. Start tracking these terms, and use them to optimize your existing content or to create new, unique content.

page insights supports keyword discovery

8. Check your link profile.

Check your Backlink Snapshot. Consider whether you need to bulk up your internal or external links to this page to improve visibility.

page insights counting internal and external backlinks

9. Keep track of your success and share it.

Scroll back through Page Insights, remembering the insights you found most useful. Add those widgets to a workspace and set up reporting for the rest of your team.

page insights lets you add charts to custom workspaces for reporting

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