Searchlight Keyword Movement StudyYou know an SEO platform greatly reduces manual work and offers valuable insight to the competition, but how far can it take you in natural search? This report analyzes the rank movements for more than 6,000 keywords in Searchlight over an 11-month period to reveal its short- and long-term impact on natural search visibility.

SEO technology made a significant impact on: 

  • Rank Movement: Keywords moved up the search rankings on average more than 5 positions at month 3, and up nearly 9 positions by month 11.
  • High Visibility Distribution: Page 1 keywords in high visibility positions grew from 35% to more than 45%.
  • Keyword Movement Onto/Off Page 1: The percentage of keywords moving onto page 1 was double the percentage moving off at the start of the analysis. By month eleven, the percentage moving onto page 1 was more than triple keywords moving off.

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