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Technology + Customer Success Team Drive Natural Search Success for Vitamin Research Products

We’ve written a lot in this space about the benefits of the SEO Platform from a research and time-based experimentation perspective.  To date, we’ve talked a lot about how the practice of SEO is evolving and maturing; from time savings in the SEO workflow, to increasing visibility into natural search, to the focus on high-impact tasks due to efficiencies with low-impact tasks it affords the SEO.

Today we are advancing the conversation and giving you a peek into a real-world SEO Platform case study.  The study will show how a leader in the online vitamin space used a two-pronged approach in leveraging technology and human insight to grow their natural search traffic.

Technology Enables Insight Into VRP’s Web Pages:
When Vitamin Research Products began using Searchlight, its on-page recommendation engine found site-wide on-page issues that were negatively impacting their natural search visibility.  VRP developed a plan to address the issues and increase natural search visibility in multiple phases over the course of several months:

PhaseActionResult (MOM)


Implemented Searchlight recommendations:Optimized on-page elements for more than 10,000 URLs.34% Traffic lift


Implemented Searchlight recommendations:
Optimized additional meta description and title tags to a large number of pages.
15% Traffic Lift


Content Development:Developed content for product pages based on recommendations from Searchlight5% Traffic Lift


Content Development:Developed additional content for product pages based on recommendations from Searchlight4% Traffic Lift

The unprecedented insight Searchlight has given VRP into our natural search visibility and on-page factors has enabled us to grow our natural search tra­ffic to new levels.

Ken Holden
SEO/SEM/Video Specialist,
Vitamin Research Products

Human Insight and Support Key to Unlocking Technology Potential
Central to the natural search success VRP achieved with Searchlight was the human insight and support Conductor’s Customer Success Team provided.  As with every Searchlight client, VRP was assigned a dedicated Customer Success Account Manager that worked with them from onboarding throughout the ongoing phases of their natural search efforts.

VRP’s Customer Success Account Manager:

Provided training  and best practices to VRP on the features and functionality of Searchlight to enable them to get the most from the platform:

  • Provided training  and best practices to VRP on the features and functionality of Searchlight to enable them to get the most from the platform
  • Conducted a review with VRP every two weeks to review progress and make recommendations on next steps
  • Made recommendations on SEO personnel, infrastructure and workflow to best maximize the insight Searchlight provided


The Future of Natural Search in the Enterprise
As this case study demonstrates, the future of natural search in the enterprise certainly includes mature technology but it also consists of human insight and support to best leverage the efficiencies and insight the technology offers.

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