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A Day in the Life of a Conductor Platform Power User — MoreVisibility

Our days are fiercely busy at MoreVisibility. As a full-service online marketing agency, we work with clients from all different verticals and sizes, and each client has unique digital marketing goals, projects, and paces.

One thing that is consistent across our digital marketing efforts is that we use Conductor’s Web Presence Management platform every day to help us save time, fix problems, spot opportunities, collaborate, and demonstrate the value of our work.

Maybe you haven’t focused on expanding your web presence yet, and you’re curious how others do it. Maybe you use smaller SEO and content tools, but you’re wondering what difference an enterprise SEO platform can make. Maybe you already have Conductor’s platform in your marketing stack, and you want to glean tips and tricks from avid users.

Whatever your focus is or your challenges are, this post is here to shed some light; we’re sharing our real sunup-to-closing time with this SEO platform.

clock-icon 8:00 a.m. – The Morning Visibility Health Check

Picture a bright and early Monday morning. We arrive at our Boca Raton, FL office, power up our computers and exchange some morning chatter about the latest digital marketing news on industry blogs and forums.


We log into Searchlight to make sure the water is calm for all of our clients. Let’s say we’ve heard rumors about a Google algorithm refresh; we investigate with a look at Conductor’s platform home dashboard to quickly assess potential impacts.

Searchlight Actions:

  • Detect large gains/drops in the Key Performance Indicators Widget
  • Track large movements across visibility zones in the Keyword Pipeline
  • Identify large changes in comparison to competitors within the Competitor Trending Widget

clock-icon 8:45 a.m. – SEO Site Audits for Technical Tune Ups

At MoreVisibility, we conduct SEO site audits for clients’ websites every day! That’s how often there are new opportunities for wins and fixes. After we’ve had a cup or two of morning coffee, we start our site audit research.


Our SEO Specialists review the Content, Categories and Keyword sections of Searchlight to identify site areas that are underperforming because of technical or content-related issues.

Searchlight Actions:

  • If any categories are underperforming, MoreVisibility’s SEO Specialists drill down and assess if there are issues with the site that are holding back stronger performance.

On identifying issues:
“Through Searchlight, we receive alerts on significant movement across visibility zones. If there are ranking issues, we are able to get actionable recommendations to our client quickly.”

clock-icon 10:30 a.m. – Group Huddle Powered by Searchlight Insights

Because we get the best results with an integrated marketing strategy, we make sure to get the SEO Technical, Content, and Social Media teams (all under the MoreVisibility Optimized Services umbrella) in the same room for a weekly department meeting.


We share case studies, reports, techniques and strategies from our own experiences with clients, and Searchlight helps verify our theories (it’s crucial to rely on data, not just instincts), spot new opportunities, and keep connected on core objectives.

On top of that, we brainstorm new ways to use the Searchlight platform (Seriously, it’s expansive enough that we’re always finding new ways to use it!) to solve client issues and offer deeper insight into SEO strategy recommendations.

Searchlight Actions:

  • Compare Searchlight Workspaces to glean key data learnings each team has had with individual clients.
  • Review and set up new Automated SEO Reports for Searchlight to deliver to our inboxes.
  • Jump on the Searchlight Community and discuss how we can use new feature releases.

On new ways of using Searchlight:
One of our favorite new features is YouTube Channel Insights. It’s a centralized location for our content and social media teams to align their efforts and add targeted video content to their holistic web presences.

clock-icon 11:30 a.m. – Performance Reporting: Demonstrating the Value of Our Work

After the weekly meeting, MoreVisibility’s SEO Specialists work on auditing our clients’ programs’ performance. We review the custom workspaces that we created for each client so that they’re up-to-date on their SEO wins.


We bring in all kinds of contextual info to our Searchlight workspaces – analytics, integrations, images – each part helps us tell a story about our client’s progress and KPIs. twitter-icon

Searchlight Actions:

  • Show improved visibility by drilling down into the Categories section of Searchlight to show the rank distribution of keywords in the category via the Keyword Pipeline.
  • Review Keyword Lists to identify clients’ visibility wins and losses, then create corrective or iterative action plans
  • Build out and review custom workspaces that show our clients’ performance against their KPIs.
  • Through advanced filtering, we can review our clients’ core data points “at a glance” and understand what’s working with the SEO strategy and where new opportunities may be opening up.

On measuring performance:

“The combination of Google Analytics data from organic traffic to revenue and transactions combined with keyword search and rankings data help us better define what keywords are valuable, and prioritize efforts accordingly.”

clock-icon 12:00 p.m. – Lunch!

clock-icon 1:00 p.m. – Content Power Hour

Content is the number one way we can expand our clients’ web presence and digital authority – so naturally we spend time each day laser-focused on it.


During our content power hour, MoreVisibility’s Content Production team works on reviewing new content opportunities for our clients. The team uses Searchlight to mine for the content opportunities that will most powerfully impact ROI.

Searchlight Actions:

  • Create new content based on the Keywords Section in Searchlight, where we identify important content gaps.
  • Reconfigure our content campaigns by looking in the Opportunities Tab, spotting key phrases that are not currently being tracked or optimized.
  • Forage for competitive content gaps in Competitive Insights to see where competitors have content that is ranking, but our client doesn’t.

On content opportunities:
“We are able to see opportunities at a high level through the use of the keyword pipeline and visibility zones. This feature details groups of keywords that are right on the edge of strong performance, helping us identify low-hanging fruit to optimize our clients’ websites. We combine data like high search volume and high relevancy with the insight about keywords that are right on the cusp of delivering strong performance (striking distance or traffic zones), and we can maximize resource allocation to words and pages with the best chance of having a positive return.”

clock-icon 3:00 p.m. – Digital Strategy Calls

Around midday, you’ll find MoreVisibility’s Client Strategists deep in strategy discussions with our clients. The digital strategies we come up with vary, but we always pull the pieces together into Searchlight’s custom workspaces.


These custom workspaces allow our clients, at any level of sophistication, to easily access the most important data to them, understand trends over time, and formulate ideas for implementation plans to broaden their organic web presence. It’s a vital part of the way we communicate with our clients.

Questions Searchlight Helps Us Answer:

  • Where have we seen strong performance against our benchmarks?
  • Competitive movement – what have the client’s competitors been up to? Have they been actively pursuing an organic strategy? Have they been successful, and if so, what have they been successful with?
  • What has the client’s organic content performance looked like?
  • What are the areas for greatest opportunity (both short-term and long-term) over the next quarter?

Why We Spend Our Day in Conductor’s SEO Platform

At MoreVisibility, we need tons of quality data on our clients’ organic strategies, and we need it to be accessible, understandable, and fast.

That’s why we use Searchlight. Our Web Presence Management platform collects, analyzes, and presents organic data, giving us more time for developing actionable strategies.

For content creation, optimization, technical updates and social media efforts, we leverage Searchlight across teams to help benchmark existing results, find opportunities, and measuring organic trending and traction over time. twitter-icon

Want to know more about how we work or how we use Searchlight? Got Searchlight tips of your own? Comment, tweet, or email us!

Check out more MoreVisibility photos in the slide show below:

Want to learn more about what it’s like to use Searchlight? Check out our video customer stories!

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