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How to Use Conductor Actions + New Jira Cloud Integration

Conductor Actions is now integrated with Jira Cloud. Learn more about how our customers are optimizing their workflow through our new integrations.

Everyone Gets a Piece of the Action(s)

Introducing new Actions functionality and workflows for your whole team.

According to recent research from Forrester , “The process of SEO is spread across many cross-functional teams. It can involve disparate teams across IT, website development, user experience, content strategy, brand marketing, and many other areas.”

For enterprises like Citi, WeWork, and athenahealth, this means a successful SEO strategy involves seamless coordination across all of these stakeholders, which is no easy feat.

To alleviate this challenge for our customers, we built Actions. With Actions, you can send trackable tasks directly from Conductor Searchlight to your work management tool (like Asana or Jira). This makes it easy to share insights across your team, expedites your workflow, and ensures everything gets done with clear accountability.

If you haven’t watched the delightful Actions video featuring our very own Conductor SEO Matt yet, please enjoy:

come bearing good news: Actions is expanding! We’ve added support for Jira Cloud and built Actions directly into our Keyword Performance report. This is just the first step—we’re investing heavily in expanding Actions even more, so stay tuned for more to come at C3 2019 .

How exactly are our customers using Actions? Let’s take a look at some of our favorite Actions use cases for different roles across your marketing team.

I. Content Strategists Use Actions to Create Content Briefs

The content brief is the source of truth that provides context and direction. It is the nexus between your content strategists, content writers, SEOs, and other stakeholders.

One of the key pieces of a successful brief is the content structure outline. This is informed by keyword analysis and includes elements like title tags, H1 tags, meta descriptions, and more.

With Conductor Actions, creating a holistic content brief is a breeze. You can compile all the search insights you need into a content brief and send it directly from Conductor to your team members in their task manager.

By sending your content brief via Actions to your workflow management tool, all the SEO elements and content details your team needs are delivered to relevant stakeholders to kick off the content creation process.

How to Use Conductor Actions + New Jira Cloud Integration

II. Product Merchandisers Use Actions to Flag Underperforming Keywords

Enterprises like eCommerce giant often have huge websites covering countless pages, products, and stakeholders. How can a small SEO team stay on top of all the keywords, pages, and technical issues that come with such big sites?

Answer: empower product merchandisers to be your first line of defense. By creating reporting dashboards in Conductor, also known as Workspaces, for merchandisers and educating them on the core principles of SEO, you can empower your merchandisers to alert your SEO team whenever there are keyword and content fluctuations for their product lines. The responsibility can then be shared across teams.

Actions’ integration with Keyword Performance makes communication between product merchandisers and search teams seamless. Product merchandisers can select keywords that may have dropped off the first page and bundle them directly into an Action to send to the SEOs. With a single click, these keyword-based insights can then inform optimizations.

Forrester Quote saying the process of SEO is spread across many cross-functional teams such as IT, Dev, UX, Strategy, and Brand

III. SEOs Use Actions to Send Changes to IT

We’ve seen that Jira is primarily used by technical teams across organizations. And so much of SEO involves technical and IT teams: whenever a new piece of content needs to be put up on a site or changes need to be made to pages, those requests all funnel through Jira to an organization’s technical team.

So we decided to make Jira the second platform integration for Actions. With Actions’ Jira integration, search marketers can export relevant optimization data to their tech team quickly and efficiently.

Current Conductor customers can request access to the Actions beta through this form . Not a Conductor customer yet? Drop us a line and we’ll get your team collaborating better than ever before.

Want to see our new integration in action? Come take a tour of Conductor's SEO Platform with us.

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