Search demand is changing. Not only has search demand for the term “banana bread recipe” spiked since stay at home orders were announced, but also for video game consoles, workout equipment, groceries, and more. 

As online shopping for these stay at home essentials increases, retailers are shifting their priorities to make sure they’re visible online for these product categories.

One of our top EMEA online retail customers has been prioritizing SEO and their digital presence for years, and now more than ever their investment is paying off. 

They’ve seen a 78% increase in traffic, a 47% increase in clicks from organic searches for exact brand terms, and 90% increase in revenue year over year.  

How has this online retailer achieved these results? 

  1. Long-Term Investment in SEO 
  2. Product Category Management
  3. Empowering internal teams with Conductor 

Long-term investment in SEO

Based on a study conducted by Conductor, 65% of marketers are anticipating a decrease in their marketing budgets. At the same time, 63% of marketers are shifting their attention to SEO practices. Why? SEO is an efficient and low cost strategy that can yield long term results and build trust amongst a brands’ customers. 

Our client has been with Conductor since 2018 and has valued the importance of investing in SEO – and that investment has been paying off. Integrating SEO in their marketing strategy has enabled them to be ready and prepared for fluctuations in customer demand. 

Product Category Management

Being an online retailer means that you own a vast amount of category pages to manage and monitor. For our client, over 100,000 pages are visited per week. Effective management of these pages is key to winning the top spots on Google. 

Having dedicated product category teams ensures there are no gaps across their online presence. Each category is prepared for when there are shifts in customer trends, and pages are ready to sustain this demand.

With Conductor, the client’s team groups keywords into keyword categories. This enables the team to stay on top of keywords that may have dropped in rankings week over week and be proactive about regaining visibility.

Every week, the client team also uses Insight Stream and automated Workspace reports to monitor which keyword categories are trending and if any of their top priority keywords are falling off. This gives them insight into which  product pages need updates to titles, headers, meta-descriptions and more to improve rankings. Additionally, insights generated from categories inform their supply teams of increases in demand for a particular product category and vice versa.

Empowering internal client teams with Conductor and initiatives

Conductor empowers our client’s SEO and content teams with features designed to engage their entire marketing organization. Features in Conductor’s technology such as Content Briefs, Explorer, Keyword Performance and Keyword Comparisons help them achieve their marketing objectives across teams. 

Additionally, Conductor’s Orchestra team provides services to support the client. For example, the Conductor team recently delivered a pre-filled COVID-19 keyword category, specific to their industry. This enables the client to check which search impressions have increased the most during the pandemic, to keep and grow their market share. 

As such, our client has seen great success, translated in the below results.

In these unprecedented times, some online retailers, like our client, have been able to benefit by the increasing demand and online orders. Others like their main competitors have been dropping in visibility, proving that it’s not only about demand, but also about creating a strong in-house SEO program, monitoring trends, and creating content that helps your customers.

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