Customer Story: Answering Legal

The Conductor and Answering Legal Partnership

Answering Legal is a 24/7, 365 answering service. We also call ourselves virtual receptionists. Customers choose Answering Legal because we’re a premium answering service. We specialize in attorneys, and because of that, we’re able to provide a service like no other company. We brought on Conductor because we had started the marketing department, and we were shooting in the dark. It was successful to a point, but we knew we needed more insight, information, and data to do a better job and reach a larger market share. We didn’t know what our keywords were, where we ranked, what our competitors were doing, and how we could compete with them. When we brought on Conductor we able to get a visual of where we wanted to go, what strategy we wanted to build, and how we were going to compete. Conductor has brought us a lot of success in a short amount of time. We didn’t always have people calling into our business; everything was outbound. After we ran a content campaign with Conductor, we started to get a huge influx of calls. It’s because people are finding us, and we’re ranking for the right keywords. Conductor helped us get to that spot. Conductor helped us achieve the increase in new business because our content has just gotten better. Customers are finding us easily and signing up online. With Conductor, we’ve created new web forms, new ways to call in, new calls to action, new kinds of content, new campaigns. Conductor has taught us so much, and given us the insights we need to create the kind of content our users want to see, and get insight into our competitors. Since we started using Conductor I definitely feel we have the right audience that has been able to find us on the internet. We’ve achieved more sales, more leads, and we definitely a better web presence. We’ve had a lot of success with our marketing department, and our company as a whole, as a result of Conductor.
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"Since we started using Conductor I know we have the right audience finding us online. Our marketing team, and our company as a whole, is seeing more success as a result of Conductor."

Brooke Shatles



Answering Legal provides law firms with a professional, highly trained answering service for any sized law firm.