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The Conductor and Edmund Optics Partnership.

Geoffrey Forman, Content Marketing Manager, Edmund Optics

"The insights that Conductor provides are gigantic. If you take SEO and break it apart from not just being about how well you rank, but ‘where can you produce content?’ and ‘what are your competitors doing?’ – that’s not something I can pull out of my analytics package. That’s something I’m only getting through Conductor."

About Edmund Optics

Edmund Optics is an industrial optical component manufacturer, designing everything from multi-element lenses, to lens coatings, imaging systems, and Opto-Mechanical equipment.

Video Transcript

My name is Geoffrey Forman. I'm the content marketing manager at Edmund Optics. Edmund Optics is an industrial optical component manufacturer. We make the lenses that would appear on a medical device, not something that you would wear on your eyes. We've been on the moon, too. We've been on an episode of the Simpsons. So, we've pretty much reached all of life's achievements.

What is our goal with digital marketing? Digital marketing is a really interesting topic for Edmund Optics. Edmund Optics used to be a company called Edmund Scientific. They were a mail catalog provider, selling educational toys. It was B2C; they weren't even in the industrial space. So we went from selling toys to defense contractors, really a natural transition.

We’re still traditional marketers. We send a 450 page mail catalog all over the world. But making a catalog is expensive. It's tough to mail. You have to rely on the capabilities of the local mail service, especially when you go internationally. But with digital marketing, hit a button and it's pretty much on. We look at digital marketing as an easy step into international markets. Digital marketing is a great way to get to the customer very quickly, and, especially compared to print, it creates very measurable data.

Conductor provides a tremendous amount of value to our digital marketing sector. It answers: how well do we rank to where can we produce content? What are our competitors doing? The insights that Conductor provides are gigantic. It's not something I can just pull out of my analytics package. It's something I'm only getting through Conductor.

I don't like relying on a ton of agencies to monitor what we're doing. So Conductor is allowing me to bring in-house a lot of the capabilities I would have had to have previously paid a lot more money for an agency to run and send me reports. With Conductor, I can just dive in. I can pull up our competitors, and I can see where they're ranking and how much traffic are they getting for that keyword. It’s really amazing stuff.

How do I know Conductor’s a great investment? Our organic traffic is increasing. Our revenue is increasing. Organic traffic drives more traffic to our website by far than any other source. Our investment is definitely paying off.