Customer Story: HTC

The Conductor and HTC Partnership

Jeremiah Andrick, Executive Director of E-commerce for VR at HTC Vive: My name is Jeremiah Andrick and I am the Executive Director of E-commerce for VR at HTC Vive. You know, I work in virtual reality, and one of the most important questions today still is “What is virtual reality? What does that mean?” Where we look at search queries will help us kind of understand the kind of content necessary to actually answer that question, and search data is the perfect insights that you can’t really get from surveying. It’s the most honest insight you can get into the kinds of friction that are keeping customers from buying. Customers will literally type the questions that they want to know about your product into Google. It’s really about trying to understand “What is it about VR that people want to know?” and then building content around that. There’s not a day or a week that goes by that I’m not in Conductor. And, at HTC, I'm much more frequently using the product as measuring the overall efforts that we're doing. A big part of what I want to create are items that I have been able to pull from Conductor today. You want to keep customers happy and loyal, and SEO is this underpinning -- it’s this kind of foundation that search engine data can provide you to actually make a better product experience.



HTC and HTC Vive brings brilliance to life through leading innovation in smart mobile device and experience design. The Vive VR system fulfills the promise of creating fully immersive experiences that change how we communicate, how we are entertained, and how we learn and train.

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