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Creating Incredible Client Services

The Conductor and Prime Visibility Partnership.

Pat Reinhart, Manager of SEO Services, Prime Visibility

"If I were at the table with another agency and they were asking me if they should partner with Conductor, I would urge them strongly to do so. Not just from a time-saving or dev standpoint, but from an overall efficiency and operational standpoint."

About Prime Visibility

Prime Visibility is an award-winning and performance-driven digital marketing agency.

Video Transcript

We’re a full-service digital marketing agency, handling clients all over the country. Over the last year and a half, Google has changed its algorithm so many times that it’s really made our job a lot more challenging. It has also made more people interested in what we do, which is great for us and I think great for the industry as a whole. SEO is no longer ancillary or second hand.

A big way Conductor has helped us increase revenue, conversions and traffic for our clients in general has been to point our attention in the right directions, and a lot quicker.

We can go to a category and say, hey we’re going after these 3 or 4 keywords for a page and ask, is our strategy working? Having all of insight there – in the charts, Conductor’s market share, and the paid and natural explorer -- we can create a snapshot of the site. We know where it is at that point and time, and what its strengths and weaknesses are.

Before Conductor it would have taken us hours, and days, and possibly weeks to figure that out. Post-Conductor, we’re doing that in a matter of hours.

I’ve seen a very big impact with large retail sites. With Google’s algorithm constantly shifting and so many products on big retail sites, it can be overwhelming to monitor title tags, meta descriptions, content, and just the general flow of where the site’s going. Conductor helps you focus on that subset. It makes it easier and more efficient.

Conductor’s reporting workspaces are great, especially when it comes to the levels of people we see. We’re talking to everyone: CMOs, presidents, owners, board members, and SEO department people. But at the end of the day we can control what they see and need to know with Conductor’s workspaces.

If I was at the table with another agency and they were asking me if they should partner with Conductor, I would urge them strongly to do so. They’ve helped us save time and serve massive clients and small clients on the same level.