Customer Story: Republic Wireless

The Conductor and Republic Wireless Partnership

Spencer Derrico, Marketing VP: A lot of times, when people hear the name “Republic Wireless,” they think of us as a phone company. But we’re much more than a phone company; we’re actually a technology company. Our parent company, Bandwidth, has a solid understanding of the telecommunications industry. Skype, Google Voice, Pandora… they all run off Bandwidth technology. Mary Katherine Alderman, Manager, Online Marketing: Republic is a small player in the telecommunications industry, and we are literally up against the giants. We don’t have a multi-million dollar marketing budget. We rely on organic strategically to help us break through to our target market. Conductor Searchlight helps us know that we are hitting the right things with our content. Cody Gault, SEO Specialist: One of the key areas that Conductor has helped us is in taking a data-driven approach. Instead of walking into a project blind, not really knowing what we’re doing, Conductor allows us to look at all of the data for these terms and topics we’re writing for, that we’re aiming to create content around. We’ve seen increases of around 200% for the daily traffic we’re taking in. AJ McDonald, Senior Online Content Marketing Manager: Conductor has very much been a lightbulb moment for me. What good is your story if no one is there to read or hear it? Now we know people are reading and hearing it. Now we can take actual numbers back to our leadership team and say look: our content is working on this journey. Mary Katherine Alderman, Manager, Online Marketing: So for us, the investment with Conductor is absolutely worth it. Working with them has clearly changed our production workflow. It impacts content production, from copy, to design, to go-to-market planning for our product team. But also it also touchs finance, demand planning, and we use search volume as a proxy for consumer interest, and use it to plan demand split between our products. Spencer Derrico, Marketing VP: We’re really able to see through to our financial metrics. There is ROI in Conductor. Not only has it helped us be a more cross-functionally collaborative team, it’s also helped us prove we can be super efficient with our marketing efforts, and really prove out the ROI of how we’re spending our marketing budget.
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"Not only has Conductor helped us be a more cross-functionally collaborative team, it’s also helped us prove the efficiency of our marketing efforts, and the ROI of our marketing budget."

Spencer Derrico

Marketing VP


Republic Wireless is a phone carrier company based in Raleigh, NC. Through their innovative Hybrid Calling technology (WiFi + cellular), Republic Wireless offers high quality mobile service plans at low rates.

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