After making a series of significant enhancements to their website, software consultancy MINDBODY suffered a substantial drop in rankings for many of their core keywords.

Conductor Mindbody Case StudyAs a result, they sought insight into the shifting SERPs and ways to develop search as a better customer acquisition channel. MINDBODY adopted Conductor Searchlight to:

  • Maximize efficiencies: By automating site auditing and recommendation discovery, MINDBODY improved efficiencies and reallocated resources to other activities
  • Save time: MINDBODY reduced the amount of time spent on measurement and reporting activities in order to scale the number of keywords optimized and increase their share of search
  • Learn site-wide, on-page SEO enhancements to increase natural search visibility

Download the case study at the right and see how you can benefit from MINDBODY’s experience with a content intelligence platform.