Nutricap Labs with Conductor Searchlight

Nutricap Labs is an award-winning B2B source for custom dietary vitamin and supplement manufacturing services. However, with just one person managing their digital marketing efforts, Nutricap Labs needed to increase efficiency. They also wanted to lower their pricey paid search spend. After a year of using Conductor’s SEO Platform, Nutricap Labs shared their outstanding results:

  • Cost per click (CPC) decreased by 58% within first year
  • Cost per lead (CPL) decreased by 61% within first year

Download the case study to learn how Conductor’s specialized and customized insights, recommendations, and dedicated account management helped the company’s Marketing Director, Andrew Goldman, implement a competitive digital strategy on the right scale.

“Like any business, ROI is key. My executive team asks me whether I see a return on our investment in Conductor. The answer is yes. We’ve made our money back several times over as a result of using the platform.” —Andrew Goldman, Nutricap Labs