Once the Sealed Air team chose Conductor Searchlight as their enterprise content and SEO platform, onboarding immediately went into high gear.


Before you read on – let’s collectively scrap the definition of onboarding you have in your head. Onboarding at Conductor is not your standard biweekly check-ins, and a few “how-to” sessions on using the new technology.

“At Conductor, we put a special focus on each new customer’s first 100 days of partnership. After all, that early period sets the stage for both short-term wins and long-term return on investment in their organic marketing. The design of our onboarding program is to put their strategy and goals first, rally company stakeholders behind the marketing team, and develop an early mastery of search marketing and Conductor Searchlight skills.”

– VP Customer Success & Strategy, Conductor 

Sealed Air Corporation creates a world that feels, tastes, and works better. In 2020, the company generated revenue of approximately $4.9B by helping our customers achieve their sustainability goals in the face of today’s biggest social and environmental challenges.

Stepping into Sealed Air’s shoes in this post, you’ll get a glimpse into the first 100-day experience that defines onboarding at Conductor. You’ll see the energy of the partnership, the collaboration between Sealed Air and Conductor’s teams, and the spread of fresh excitement about Sealed Air’s organic strategy throughout the organization.

But first, meet the Sealed Air and Conductor people behind these early successes.

Meet the Sealed Air Marketers and Their Core Conductor Team

Meet Lauren Hannan and Benjamin Pollack, the core team for Sealed Air’s organic marketing strategy.


Meet the Sealed Air Conductor support team:

  • Dedicated Customer Support Manager who guides them in every day use of the platform
  • Strategic Account Director who provides high-level guidance on their marketing goals
  • Professional Services team, responsible for deep analysis of strategic initiatives, implementation, and maximizing Sealed Air’s return on investment


The Conductor Onboarding Golden Rule: Get Sealed Air’s Goals Center Stage

Conductor is not an “out of the box” platform. It’s different for every user based on their role, and it’s different for every company because aligning the technology and the organization’s goals is the #1 mission of the first 100 days at Conductor.

For Sealed Air, that meant a deep dive into their marketing goals. That assessment included not just with the core players responsible for web strategy, Ben and Lauren, but the organization at large. Over the first few weeks of the onboarding process, the teams explored key goals with of each one of Sealed Air’s 5 divisions.

Sealed Air’s portfolio of widely recognized brands, including Cryovac® brand food packaging solutions, Bubble Wrap® brand cushioning and Diversey® cleaning and hygiene solutions, enables a safer and less wasteful food supply chain, protects valuable goods shipped around the world, and improves health through clean environments. Sealed Air has approximately 24,000 employees who serve customers in 175 countries.

“We asked the Conductor team to engage with our stakeholders. So far, the Conductor professional service team has held five different one-on-one meetings with our separate divisions, strategizing how to make sure we’re visible online when our customers are looking.

Even if one of those stakeholders isn’t versed in digital marketing, they leave that conversation feeling that their goals have been heard. They get excited about how organic marketing affects our overall business. Since we started working with Conductor, more people at Sealed Air are on board with our initiative and excited about our global keyword strategy.” – Lauren Hannan

The purpose of these meetings was to listen – but also to help Sealed Air’s teams both unify and challenge themselves.

“Onboarding with Conductor has been a positive, disruptive process. People now stop and think about content differently. They now critically ask: what are we actually creating? Who is it for? Are we speaking in the voice of the customer? Are we being found, and are we relevant? These are the questions I now hear. It’s so empowering to hear these “aha” moments with the division.

With the Conductor platform we can say, “Look, your time and effort into content and optimizing your content is going to pay off. We’ll see that in our reporting, and compared to our competitors. That changes the dialogue. It gives more validity to search.” – Ben Pollack

The Conductor and Sealed Air Partnership

Integral to the first 100 days’ experience is establishing a close, ongoing relationship between Sealed Air and Conductor. In fact, the goal is for the Sealed Air team to see Conductor as an extension of their own.

“If I have a question, no matter how big or small, I feel really comfortable asking my support team. There’s incredibly responsive. They follow up. If a new opportunity appears, they’re instantly available to pitch in.

Here’s just one example: before even our official kick off call, we had a story featured in the Wall Street Journal. We needed help figuring out target keywords. In less than 24 hours, the Conductor team provided list we needed. I was so impressed, not only by their speed, but the ability to understand our business, and their willingness to help.” – Lauren Hannan

“I didn’t doubt that it would be a great experience, but beyond that, it’s been a great partnership. Conductor has been an extension of our team. I never feel like I have to get on a scheduled call just to have something on the calendar. I think every interaction that we’ve had with them has been meaningful and a valuable use of our time.” – Ben Pollack

The goal of Conductor’s onboarding with Sealed Air was not just to teach them how to “drive” Searchlight and hand over the keys. Instead, it aligned Sealed Air’s goals to the power of the platform. It got stakeholders from across the organization – even those who weren’t marketers – excited about the Sealed Air team’s global web presence strategy.

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