Conductor SlingtshotEven if you’re highly focused on finding and exploiting new SEO opportunities, it’s very hard to successfully scale up your natural search visibility without the right technology. Our joint seminar with Slingshot SEO will show you how to:

  • Leverage mature SEO technology to discover new opportunities to drive natural search traffic
  • Discover how to effectively prioritize, track, and measure opportunities.
  • Apply the latest and most effective SEO techniques to drive your newly discovered opportunities to the top of the search rankings

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Our Presenters:

Brian McDowell ConductorBrian McDowell | Director, Customer Search Strategies | Conductor
Brian McDowell focuses on product development and customer success for Conductor, Inc. His passion for corporate success through evangelizing Internet marketing has helped the company lead the marketplace for enterprise level products and services. He has designed and built multiple in-house proprietary technologies for natural search and built large in-house teams consisting of developers and junior level SEO practitioners for companies such as LendingTree,, MarketAmerica and Red Ventures. Brian often speaks to large enterprise level decision makers as well as advertising agencies about how to build, recruit and sustain natural search focus within their organizations. Brian holds a BS in Computer Science from UNC Charlotte.


Daren Tomey SlingshotDaren Tomey | Senior VP, Corporate Development | Slingshot SEO
Daren Tomey has fifteen years of leadership experience in business and Internet marketing, including lead generation, search engine optimization, corporate blogging, and email marketing. At Slingshot SEO, Daren is the driving force behind revenue attainment through our direct sales team and our channel partners. Prior to joining Slingshot SEO, Daren held leadership positions with Compendium, ExactTarget, CompUSA, and General Nutrition Centers.