Vacasa makes vacation rentals easy with a unique combination of professional management for homeowners and a seamless booking experience for guests. With nearly 8,000 properties worldwide, Vacasa makes it possible for guests to enjoy a one-of-a-kind vacation experience.

With Conductor, Vacasa has achieved:


  •      70% increase in year-over-year revenue
  •      67% in year-over-year traffic
  •      74% average increase in organic sessions for all pages in 2017



The Challenge

Vacasa operates in thousands of top travel destinations globally. Their marketing team is tasked with both increasing inbound demand to those regions and expanding content and search initiatives into new target markets.

“Organic search is critical for our long-term growth as a company—to get a continuously  increasing number of customers – both guests and homeowners—coming directly to us instead of through our channel partners. We need to act like a local company all over the world. And we have to be visible in organic search for that to happen.” –Joe Drury, Senior Search Manager, Vacasa

In each of those locations, Vacasa contends with different local competitors and unique market demands. They needed a technology to help them understand what consumers want in each new and existing region, organize that complex data, and prioritize opportunities so they could have the biggest possible impact. Then, they needed to supply other departments with insights about local consumer demands.

“We often struggle with where to invest our time. We’re in thousands of markets across the world – where should we create or optimize content? What should that content be? Conductor clearly shows us where we’ll make the biggest impact. It enables us to track keywords and competitors for thousands of different locations, hundreds of categories, and over twenty domains. We couldn’t do that with smaller tools or by ourselves. But Conductor makes that easy.” –Joe Drury, Senior Search Manager, Vacasa

The Solution

Vacasa partnered with Conductor to improve visibility for their target keywords throughout the world, identify content opportunities, and determine their strategies for new markets.

“Conductor is helping us expand our footprint into new states. In Nevada, we discovered that Las Vegas was not the ideal market for us – people tend to stay in hotels. There was significantly more opportunity around Lake Tahoe. In Big Bear, California, Conductor showed us that people are looking for pet-friendly rentals, and cabins in particular. We share those insights with our sales team, market launch team, and content teams so they know where to focus their time, what message to share, and the right content to create.” –Joe Drury, Senior Search Manager, Vacasa

Vacasa also utilizes Conductor’s integration with Lumar to make sure their sites are technically sound. With weekly crawls and quarterly audits, the Vacasa team ensures their site drives maximum traffic by fixing critical site issues like broken links, duplicate content, and canonical tags.

“Together, the technologies are the full package: Conductor drives our content and market strategy, and Lumar drives our technical SEO.” –Joe Drury, Senior Search Manager, Vacasa


By effectively categorizing their large collection of targeted keywords across local markets, Vacasa was able to identify opportunities for growth and increase organic traffic by 67%.


Vacasa shows traffic up 67% YOY.

In addition, 35% of Vacasa’s existing individual targeted keywords saw an increase in organic keyword rank.

The ability to see data on a granular level meant that Vacasa’s marketing team could build weekly and biweekly reports in Conductor for executives to both examine performance and identify what areas represented the greatest potential revenue opportunity for the business. Those decisions in turn influenced both organic and paid search strategy, leading to a 74% average increase in organic sessions across all pages in 2017.

Vacasa's top global destination pages see a traffic increase with Conductor Searchlight.

“Conductor enables us to know when we should invest more in paid where we have a gap in organic visibility or cut paid costs where we have prominent organic visibility. Those insights are invaluable for cutting costs and reaching more customers.” –Joe Drury, Senior Search Manager, Vacasa


Vacasa shows organic revenue up 70% YOY.

By deep diving into a wide variety of individual market insights gleaned from Conductor, Vacasa was able to turn organic search data into a revenue-driving engine.

“Conductor enables us to really segment our performance so we can get a sense of how we’re performing in local markets. It also helps us understand our competitors – and because they’re different in every local market, we have thousands of them. You just can’t get those insights anywhere else.” –Joe Drury, Senior Search Manager, Vacasa

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