30 Minutes on the Last 30 Days In Search & Content

We’re bringing the news to you. Join our VP of Digital Strategies, Pat Reinhart, as he hosts our award-winning SEO webinar series to break down updates in search, technical SEO, and content marketing in the last 30 days – in 30 minutes.


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Calendar Icon Thursday, January 20th at 2pm ET
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December 2021: A Little Piece of SEO History Shutting Down

In this month's edition of 30I30 Pat discusses Google's December Product Reviews update and the word "volatility" comes up quite a bit. For this end of year episode, Pat also covers what he says is a little piece of SEO history shutting down. Wondering what th...

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November 2021: Conductor Raises $150M in Funding

This month Conductor announced some very exciting news, we have raised $150M in funding! In the content packed episode, Pat also dives into Google's new spam update that was announced on November 4th and talks about whether this specific update has any impact...

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October 2021: Happy 6th Birthday 30I30!

This month marks six years since Pat has been gracing your screens with his presence and search industry knowledge. In this anniversary episode of 30I30 Pat dives in to why Google is showing a lot of double lists lately and another set of algorithm updates. Ha...

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September 2021: Google's Crazy Volatility Continues

Over the last 30 days it has been a wild ride with Google once again as the algorithm has seen some major peaks and valleys. What's exactly going on? Be sure to watch this month's edition of 30I30 to find out! Pat also touches on why improving your website qua...

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August 2021: Google’s Link Spam Update

On July 26th Google began to roll out the Link Spam Update and confirmed that it finished on August 24th. What is Pat hearing and seeing with Google's link spam update. Are the core updates impacting people also ask results? Watch this month's 30|30 to get all...

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July 2021: Google's Core Update Causes Some Wild Ups & Downs

On July 1st Google began rolling out the July 2021 core algorithm update which was promised last month.What is Pat hearing and seeing with Google's core update you may ask? Well you will have to watch this month's edition to find out! Google also is starting t...

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June 2021: In Case You Forgot, Core Web Vitals is Rolling Out This Month

On June 2nd, Google began to roll out the June 2021 core update globally. Pat sheds some light into what he is currently seeing and hearing since this update began. In this edition of 30I30 Pat also covers the much anticipated Core Web Vitals update, in case a...

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May 2021: Summer is Coming and So Is Google's Page Experience Update

On May 13th we may have seen a Google Algorithm update, but it has yet to be confirmed. Pat has some thought's around what we may be seeing and hearing, watch this edition of 30I30 to get all the details! Google did confirm that ADA compliance is not a ranking...

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