30 Minutes on the Last 30 Days In Search & Content

We’re bringing the news to you. Join our VP of Digital Strategies, Pat Reinhart, as he hosts our award-winning SEO webinar series to break down updates in search, technical SEO, and content marketing in the last 30 days – in 30 minutes.


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Calendar Icon Thursday, May 20th at 2pm EST
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April 2021: 65% of Searches are Zero-Click?!? Wild

A recent study also shows that 65% of searches in 2020 were zero-click searches. In April, Google also launched its Product Review update and Pat dives in to what he is currently seeing and hearing. Watch this edition of 30I30 to see what happened in the indus...

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March 2021: Spring is Here and Google's Hotel Listings are Now Free

Google's hotel listings are now free and a big local algorithm update seems to have rolled out having major impact. Watch this edition of 30|30 to find out why! Pat also shares more updates on Google and reminds you of Google's mobile first indexing deadline.

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February 2021: Passage Based Ranking Out in the Wild

Passage based ranking is live in the US and almost all of Pat's conversations are being taken over by the upcoming core web vitals update. Watch this edition of 30|30 to find out why! Pat walks us through what passage based ranking looks like in the wild and s...

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January 2021: New Year, New Google Updates

Pat has been spending way to much time in the Google Questions Hub. Watch this edition of 30|30 to find out why! Pat walks us through some Google updates to the Disvow Tool and gives us tips on how to handle out of stock items.

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December 2020: Wrapping up 2020 with Google's Update

2020 is finally coming to an end which means Pat will be walking us through his recap of 2020 predictions and bringing us some new 2021 predictions. Pat also walks us through the many Google updates coming in 2021.

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November 2020: Thankfully we have a 2021 Page Experience Update

Pat brings us an exciting release date for the Page Experience Update and dives into some rumors about Apple. Find out what Pat thinks about the future of Apple on this edition of 30|30!

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October 2020: Don't be Sluggish... Measure Your Content Velocity

Happy birthday 30|30! On this fifth anniversary celebration, Pat covers Google's most recent indexing woes and also gives you a magical formula to measure your content velocity.

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September 2020: Fall is Here and so is the Volatility

What's going on with Google? Indexing issues, volatility, and more. Pat breaks down all the biggest search updates coming at us this fall!