30 Minutes on the Last 30 Days In Search & Content

We’re bringing the news to you. Join our VP of Digital Strategies, Pat Reinhart, as he hosts our award-winning SEO webinar series to break down updates in search, Google's algorithm, technical SEO, and content marketing in the last 30 days – in 30 minutes.


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Calendar Icon Thursday, October 13th at 2pm ET
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September 2022: Don't Get Caught Up in Word Count

Panda it was not, Google's helpful content update was boring to say the least. Pat covers why this update was a whole lot of nothing and what his general consensus around the industry was. In September's edition of 30|30 Pat also covers why you shouldn't get c...

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August 2022: Another SEO Truth Confirmed by Google

Over the last month, a lot has happened with the Googs. On the night of August 8th, Google experienced an outage and this caused issues for some folks. Google also had an indexing issue back on July 15th that caused new content not to be indexed. In this month...

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July 2022: Google Now Has Its Own Algorithm Update Tracker

That’s right y’all. Google now officially has a running list of algorithm updates that you can scroll through going back to the beginning of 2020. In this month's edition of 30|30, Pat talks through why YouTube was a big winner after the core algorithm update....

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June 2022: RIP Internet Explorer

This month it appears that Twitter has removed the nofollow links from pretty much everything including tweets, user profiles, and other pages. Pat breaks down what happened and what you should be doing in light of this. In this month's edition of 30I30, Pat a...

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May 2022: The Googs Continues Its Volatility

With multiple updates happening over the last 30 days, the Googs has been lighting up like a Christmas tree with spikes all over. Might there be a core algorithm on the horizon? Tune in to hear Pat's take! In this month's 30|30 Pat also covers the topic of Pop...

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April 2022: We All Have to Move to Google Analytics 4

At the end of March, Google rolled out yet another iteration of its product reviews update and it was a doozy. Pat also dives into a very hot topic, why we all have to unfortunately move to Google Analytics 4 and you will not want to miss his thoughts on this....

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March 2022: Google Has Been Pretty Quiet Lately

Since the unconfirmed update rolled out across Google's platform on March 4th, Google has been pretty quiet. To hear what Pat thinks about this and why it may be the case, tune into this month's 30I30 webinar. Have you also been wondering what the best way is...

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February 2022: ContentKing Joins The Conductor Family

Conductor recently announced our acquisition of real-time SEO monitoring platform ContentKing and Pat talks through all the exciting updates. In this month's edition of 30I30 Pat also covers SEO truths that have been confirmed by Google. Did you know that more...

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