The Interactive Website Migration Checklist

Time for a site migration? Whether you’re changing your URL structure or just switching to a different CMS, a site migration and redesign is not a one-step process. For an SEO, especially, it requires the participation in every step of the process and of every member of the team.

But don’t pull out your hair just yet! We put together this list of site redesign/migration best practices to help alleviate one of the most stressful processes for an SEO. After all, it’s a lot easier to prevent site migration problems, than to fix site migration problems. Which, if you haven’t heard before, have the possibility of being pretty disastrous. But you can avoid them with pointers like:

1. Pick the right time for your redesign to go live

2. Do a SWOT analysis on your current site

3. Make sure your sitemaps are up to date

4. Test aggressively — and back up your claims with data

Remember though: every site migration/redesign is unique. Don’t just rely on this (fantastic) list; make sure to cover all your bases by informing yourself as much as possible. Check out these other resources: Intelligent Site Redesign & Migrations Webinar and Only You Can Prevent Site Migration Disaster. Also, here is a nifty resource kit with a collection of all our website migration and website redesign resources.

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Think you’re ready to migrate your site? Check out our website redesign and migration hub for everything you need to be prepared before, during and after your site migration.

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