2022 is here and so is this year’s first edition of 30I30! This month Pat talks through how even Google chilled out for a couple weeks during the holiday to give SEO’s a much needed break from the rollercoaster. However, they appeared to pick right back up with no time to waste. Want to learn what John Mueller’s beef is with tools that identify “toxic links”? You’ll just have to watch January’s Edition of 30I30 to find out.


Topic’s covered in January’s 30I30 are:

  • Google Chilled Out For A Couple of Weeks For The Holidays But Is Right Back At It From A Volatility Standpoint
  • What A Time To Be Alive, IndexNow Is Co-sharing URLs w/ Search Engines
  • The Googs Is Working Through A Backlog Of Manual Actions And Responses Will Be Delayed
  • John Mueller Challenges Tools That Report On “Toxic Links”, He Says “You Should Ignore That”
  • SEO Truths Confirmed By Google: Keyword Density Still Isn’t A Ranking Factor

Watch now!

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