This month Conductor announced some very exciting news, we have raised $150M in funding! In the content packed episode, Pat also dives into Google’s new spam update that was announced on November 4th and talks about whether this specific update has any impact on rankings. John Mueller also made a BOLD statement in a recent office hours session, but you will have to watch the episode to find out exactly what it was. In November’s edition of 30I30, Pat covers:

  • SERPs Showing Deals For Black Friday
  • Google’s November Spam Update, What We’re Seeing & Hearing
  • Google Launches The New PageSpeed Insights
  • The Googs Is Already Testing w/ IndexNow
  • Google: GSC Over Counted Mobile Page Experience Data For 4 Months, Woof
  • John Mueller Makes A Bold Statement
  • Google Rolling Out The November 2021 Core Update

Watch now!

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